Product Review: Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights

I’m not much of a model, but I LOVE my Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights! PC: My 8 year old son Nate Wadley

Kerrits are my jam. There. I said it. No matter how many other pairs of tights or breeches I try, and may even actually like, I always go back to Kerrits. I just don’t think you can beat their apparel for fit, comfort, price, features and even their color coordination. (Did I mention I love them?) These super comfortable Ice Fil Tech Tights are no different, and they are my new go to schooling tights.

First and foremost: pockets. And not just one, TWO pockets. And not just two pockets, but two LARGE pockets that both easily accommodate my cellphone. I ride alone a lot, and I’m a mom, and having my cellphone with me is a must, especially if I’m out in the field. Having a large pocket that I can easily slide my phone into is a huge bonus. And…OK…treats. The Syd (my fire-breathing dragon) eats a lot spearmints. They’re HIS jam. I must have a pocket for spearmints. This is nonnegotiable. These tights make my life so much easier! One pocket for my cellphone, one pocket for my spoiled rotten beast, er, spearmints.

OK, but how do they fit? Well, I am a true medium. All the way around. Medium pants, medium shirt, medium boots, helmet…I wear a 30 regular/size 8 to 10 in numbered sizes, so according to Kerrits’ size chart, I’m a medium in these Ice Fil tights. They run true to size and are even the right length for me. Again, I am a medium-sized adult, 5 foot 5 inches in height. Sometimes tights are a smidge too long for me, which I am actually okay with, but these tights are just the right length. I don’t ride in anything but full seat, and these do not feel like full seat tights. With the cutest little anti-slip Kerrits Sticks to give you grip, they are still very stretchy and breathable.

So let’s talk comfort. Oh my gosh!!! These tights are SO soft!!! And SO comfortable!!! I live in the very hot and humid South, Arkansas to be exact. I own several pairs of breeches and tights that I would not dare to even attempt to put on, let alone wear, this time of year. I start to sweat the second I exit my truck and by the time the Syd is tacked up, it’s running down my face, and other unmentionable areas. There is no glisten here, just sweat. Even at 6:00 in the morning.

According to the Kerrits website, the “Ice Fil fabric converts sweat to refrigerant to keep you cool and comfortable.” I have no idea what the science is behind it, but all I know is that it works! They are super comfortable and cool, and according to Kerrits, they also offer “UPF 50+ sun protection,” which I’m sure is great for keeping my pasty white riders legs, well, pasty. (Okay maybe that’s not a plus. But at least my legs aren’t sunburned, and I still love these tights.) Bottom line: They are quite literally the most comfortable tights I have ever worn. I have even been tempted to go running in them. They’re just that comfortable.

Me in my Kerrits Ice Fils and my “non-riding” son. If you look closely, you can see the pocket full of spearmints. PC: Haleigh Holom

So we’ve established that I love these full seat tights. I’m sure at this point you’re wondering how much they will set you back. So, I’m an adult amateur bartending mom on a budget. I am forever looking for a deal, and I hardly ever pay over $125 for any pair of breeches or tights, even my fancy show pairs, and then I have to REALLY love them. At full price Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights retail for $94.

Having said that, Kerrits is great about putting things on sale. They function like a normal women’s apparel fashion house in the sense that they change their color scheme each season. This is great for bargain hunters like me because they frequently offer last season’s colors at closeout prices. So unless you want the standard black, tan or white or the current season’s colors, chances are you can get a pair at a lower price. The tights I’m wearing in these photos is actually a close out color, and I did get them on sale. In fact, if you go to the Kerrits website right now, they are offering a couple of colors at $70 a pair. But get there quick! They go fast! Just be sure you save a pair of mediums for me.

Go eventing!