Product Review: Ovation Slim Secret and EuroWeave DX Breeches

Welcome to EN’s Product Review series! Who doesn’t love shopping… especially when the object of your search is new gear for yourself or your horse? As an enthusiast of all products equine, I LOVE trying out new gear. Which is why I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to try out products, so that I may share my many adventures with all of you! Please join me as I narrate my personal journey of trying out all of the products featured. While I will make no recommendations, I hope that you simply have fun and find entertainment while reading about my many adventures of trying new products, and that hearing about my personal experiences might help give you factors to consider when you are on your own quest for new gear!

Ovation logo on back waistband of the Slim Secret breeches Ovation logo on back waistband of the Slim Secret breeches

Something that I’ve started doing a lot more of recently is wearing breeches. Sure, I have absolutely been riding more, what with all of the beautiful weather that we’ve been having here in Pennsylvania. But the funny thing about it is, that I’ve been noticing that I’ve been wearing breeches for activities that extend beyond the saddle.

Not that I intentionally throw breeches on to go to the office, to the mall to shop, or out on the town (I’m not trying to imitate the faux-equestrian style that some designers have become so fond of). Although, you may see me sporting my breeches occasionally for a quick stop at the grocery store, or the gas station, or even for pizza. Anyway, I’ve found that I prefer to throw a pair of breeches on to go out to get my barn work done, rather than jeans.

Basically, any activity that involves hay goes better wearing breeches – when the material is a type that is super easy to brush the hay off. Because it. sticks. everywhere. Plus, breeches are more comfortable than jeans, and convenient…if I decide to sneak a quick ride in after my barn work is done.

Since I’m wearing breeches even more often now, I also like to have a variety of styles and colors in my wardrobe to pick from (what can I say…I like options!). After all, the same two colors get a little tired if you are alternating back and forth between them every other day. Just saying.

So for me, finding breeches that are different colors, or offer a unique take on style can be a lot of fun. And I absolutely LOVE it when I manage to find a pair that has a feature or aspect to their design that is brand new to me. Especially when that feature is something that helps the breeches to perform better in the saddle, or even look more flattering and stylish while I’m wearing them.

Ovation Slim Secret Breeches, from the front

Ovation Slim Secret Breeches, from the front

Recently, I was very excited when I had the opportunity to try out Ovation breeches, from ERS-Eventing for the very first time. Over the past several months, I’ve become familiar with the Ovation brand when I had the chance to try out their Schooler Helmet, as well as their Flex Field Boots. After having very positive experiences with both, I was really looking forward to trying out two different pairs of breeches from Ovation. The first pair that I tried were the Slim Secret EuroWeave DX Breeches, which–let me tell you–have quite a fabulous feature.

Since I’ve been wearing breeches since a young age, I’m not super fussy about the fact that they are basically form-fitting, stretchy pants…for riding. On certain days though, sometimes I just feel a little self-conscious about wearing my breeches. I think that is a feeling that a number of female riders experience at one point or another – no matter what shape you are or what size you wear, everybody feels better when they pull on breeches that are stylish, and flattering to their form.

The great ‘secret’ of the Slim Secret breeches is that they have a hidden tummy panel, that helps to flatten and give a smooth appearance to your stomach and hip area. I loved the concept of the Slim Secret breeches when I heard about them. And after I tried them? They really did help to smooth out my mid-section! Not only did they look fabulous on, but they also gave me a little extra spark of confidence, because looking great makes me feel great.

Ovation Slim Secret Breeches, from the back

Ovation Slim Secret Breeches, from the back

While I feel like the secret tummy panel of the Slim Secret breeches is an absolutely terrific feature, the other aspects of the breeches will not be ignored either! In addition to looking flattering, I really liked the way that the fabric of the breeches felt when I pulled them on – they feel very smooth to the touch.

The fabric is nice and stretchy–and it feels like it is a nice weight; durable, but not overly heavy. And, I also like the lightweight fabric that has been incorporated into the bottom of the legs, as a type of integrated sock. I am also a fan of how the breeches fit; while they do give a flattering appearance, they also fit me well. When wearing them, the waistband feels like it hugs me the whole way around my waist. And, I also like the two side pockets–they look sharp, with the extra flair of the piping that goes along the edges of the pockets.

The little details are also nice–including the embroidered Ovation logo on the back waistband. The Secret Slims were also very comfortable for me to ride in; even though temperatures have been on the warm side, I feel like the Secret Slim breeches help me to dry and comfortable, thanks to Ovation’s very own Dry-Tex technology. The Slim Secret breeches definitely stand apart for me because they are comfortable. They fit well. And they are flattering to boot. And for me, I totally dig the fact that the Slim Secret breeches help to make me feel better, and give me a little extra bounce of confidence.

Ovation EuroWeave DX Full Seat Breeches, from the front

Ovation EuroWeave DX Full Seat Breeches, from the front

As much as a liked the pair of Slim Secret breeches, I was ready to change things up and try out the Ovation EuroWeave DX breeches as well – a different color, and a different style? Let’s just say that I was up for the challenge! The EuroWeave breeches that I tried were also made of a nice and stretchy fabric, that feels like it has substance to it.

The fabric also includes the Ovation Dry-Tex technology, and I also like that that bottom of each leg has the traditional, adjustable velcro closure–which is getting harder to find in breeches these days.  These particular breeches feature one front pocket that zips shut, and also has a tab on the front belt loop that says ‘Ovation’, as well as a shortened Ovation logo embroidered on the right hip–and, I also like the additional detail of the stamped Ovation logo on the suede full seat, near the knee, on both sides (because I always like those extra little details!).

The EuroWeave DX breeches were comfortable for me to wear–both while I was mucking stalls, and riding (and, I think that the charcoal gray color is very attractive as well). And, I might have thrown a bunch of hay into the pickup truck to move down to the barn while wearing these–but no worries, it brushed right off!

Ovation EuroWeave DX Breeches, from the back

Ovation EuroWeave DX Breeches, from the back

Both the Ovation Slim Secret EuroWeave DX Breeches, as well as the Ovation EuroWeave DX breeches fit me well, are comfortable, and function well in the saddle. Each stand out to me in their own way; while I do like the flattering style of the Slim Secret breeches, I also like the traditional character of the EuroWeave DX breeches. And something else that I like is the price tag; the EuroWeave DX Full Seat breeches have a retail price of $104.95, while the Slim Secret breeches have a retail price of $109.95. In my opinion, both pairs work well for me, and are they are budget-friendly as well!

Go Stylish AND Flattering Breeches.  Go Ovation.  Go Eventing.

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