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Never did I ever think that my writing career would include reviewing underwear online, but boy am I glad it did.

Eques Pantes are the latest trend in equestrian riding underwear. Made in the USA, the slimming and sculpting knee-length “pantes” are designed to be completely seamless underneath your breeches. The custom, eco-conscious, moisture-wicking fabric is also designed to prevent chafing or rashes along the inner thigh, which is a common problem for many equestrians.

Founded by Jessica Andrews, Eques Pante was developed by an equestrian for equestrians. According to their website, her goal upon founding Eques Pante was to create “quality, durable athletic underwear that stays put while it also slims, sculpts, cools, wicks sweat, dries quickly, prevents chafing, and looks cute,” all without any panty lines.

So, do these pantes hold up to their claims? I put the Eques Pantes through a full day of work at the barn, plus riding, to find out if they do everything they claim.

My first impressions after getting my Eques Pantes were promising. The box itself had a nice easy-to-open design and the pantes seemed to be made of thick and sturdy fabric. I was able to pull on them and stretch them without signs of gapping at the seams or being able to see through them.

Now, if I’m going to test out a product, then I’m going to really put them through all the rigorous aspects of barn life, and these pantes were definitely put through the ringer. The first time I tested them out, I wore them for about 6 hours. During this time, I mucked 16 stalls, fed 20 horses, and walked in them constantly while turning horses in and out to pasture. This was not a walk in the park and the pantes were up to the task! For their first time out, I wore them underneath jeans and with a belt, which is my standard wear when I’m doing barn chores.

Beautiful packaging for this made in the USA product!

My biggest worry was that I would have the same problem I have with a lot of leggings or athletic wear: they tend to slide down or roll down at the waistband. Because of their knee length, I was also worried that these pantes would roll up at the knee from the continual friction of my jeans. But my worries were unfounded, these Eques Pantes stayed in place. I would, however, suggest sizing down for additional compression as their sizing is pretty generous. The size large that I normally wear was just a bit on the bigger side.

One bonus that I wasn’t expecting was that the pantes kept me warmer than I would typically be on a cold autumn afternoon at the barn. The extra length, plus the high-quality fabric, made me feel almost as though I was wearing long johns or thermal underwear, all without any visible seams.

While they performed well when worn underneath my jeans, I could tell the Eques Pantes were designed with breeches in mind as their first and foremost priority. The fabric has just enough slip to allow your breeches to slide seamlessly over the pantes, just like they would over your skin. I didn’t notice any visible seams underneath my breeches, but you could feel the slight seam towards the knee of the pantes if you ran your finger over it. Despite that, I still don’t think any seams were visible.

The pantes didn’t impact my freedom of movement at all, and I could still move in the saddle just as comfortably as if I were wearing breeches alone. I don’t typically get chafing from riding, unless I’m riding out for hours at a time. However, I feel as though these pantes would do a phenomenal job of protecting my legs no matter how long I was in the saddle. The thick fabric covers all of the vulnerable skin on the inner thigh and definitely creates an extra barrier between yourself and the saddle.


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Many equestrians work hard to stay fit when they’re out of the saddle, which may include taking up other sports such as running or yoga. If you’re one of these equestrians– these pantes are a must-have. The knee-length design is perfect to prevent the inner thigh chafing that so often plagues runners.

I could also imagine myself relaxing with some Sunday morning yoga in these pantes, without worrying that they’re falling down or that they’re see-through. The thick fabric means that you can downward dog all day long without worrying about the view of the person behind you.

Long story short– these Eques Pantes are well worth the investment. It’s not everyday you find a product that actually does everything it claims, but these pantes have managed to do it. Particularly for riders who struggle with chafing or saddle sores, the Eques Pantes could quickly become a must-have.

Click here to peruse through the collection of pantes on their website.

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