Product Review: Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

I pulled out my package of Sterling Essentials Lavender Leather Cleaner and Conditioner and was immediately met with a pleasantly light smell of lavender. I’ve had many tack cleaning products over the years, and was expecting something similar, not necessarily anything particularly remarkable.

However, as I started cleaning a bridle that had been neglected for too long, I was amazed with how easily the cleaner removed the dirt while leaving the leather light to the touch. Made with natural ingredients with the horse’s well being in mind, while taking steps to protect the leather in the long run, Sterling Essentials Lavender Leather Cleaner and Conditioner has been a great addition to my tack trunk.

With a pleasant smell and a light feel that productively cleaned my tack, Sterling Essentials Cleaner and Conditioner gave my bridle some much needed TLC.


With their simple natural ingredients, including beeswax, food grade natural oils, and top-of-the-line therapeutic essential oils, Sterling Essentials’ leather cleaning products are vegetarian and provide a natural barrier to protect against water damage, mold, and mildew. Additionally, Sterling Essentials’ Leather Cleaner is specifically formulated to match the pH of leather in order to prevent deterioration.


There’s no doubt about it — the product definitely smells good, cleans well, and leaves leather soft, supple, and protected. With an easy spray and wipe from the 16 oz cleaner, and an 8oz jar of the conditioner to rub into leather, the product is easily stored and applied.

While that’s all wonderful by itself, what really stuck out to me was how “light” the product felt.

With so many of the cleaners and conditioners I’ve used in the past, I feel like my hands are absolutely coated in the product after use… sometimes I scrub my hands multiple times and I can still feel the cleaner and conditioner on my skin. I saw this affect the leather too, dressing the leather with a slimy residue that only seemed to build on the leather. But with Sterling Essentials, my tack and my hands were left without that sticky goo feeling I’m so familiar with when cleaning tack.

With just a quick clean, Sterling Essentials brought my work boots back to life after a long day at the barn.

Because of its lightness, I would recommend daily use to keep leather looking good, and in good condition. My hard wear and tear on my boots is hard to keep up with, so making sure I am committed to a quick wipe down daily with Sterling Essentials will take full advantage of what this product has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a daily cleaner and conditioner, or a product that will protect your gear when going into storage, Sterling Essentials has considered everything from the ease of use, smell, and science behind leather care to provide a product for every equestrian.

Sterling Essentials wants you to have more information about the science of clean tack. After all, tack is a huge investment! There’s a whole slew of cool educational content available on the Sterling Essential website and social media channels, so be sure to give them a follow for more. Ready to give Sterling Essentials a spin? You can save 15% off your order using code EN2022!