Product Review: The Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Dressage Girth, Take Two

So you may remember my original review of the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth; I thought it was super effective and certainly a potential game changer for many horses (if you missed the original review, or just want to refresh your memory, you can read it HERE). Well Total Saddle Fit has gone ahead and updated their original girth AND created a sheepskin cover that’s pretty awesome.

Just like with the original girth, I tried this one on multiple horses. And also like the first, the intelligent design allowed for full range of motion for the shoulders and clearance for the elbows, both of which kept each horse comfortable and moving beautifully. From a functional standpoint then, their updated girth was just as effective.

The difference I noticed was in the overall quality; it’s really pretty lovely. While the original girth was quite functional, and relatively durable, their updated model is quite a bit more padded, and the leather much softer. The buckles, made of stainless steel, feel quite sturdy and roll smoothly. I would compare the quality as being similar to the Prestige anatomical girth that a few of my clients use. I was actually pretty impressed.

In this image, you can see how thickly padded the girth is. It’s also quite soft and supple; not at all stiff or plastic-like. Photo (c) Morgane Schmidt Gabriel

Note how thickly padded it is around the buckles. Photo (c) Morgane Schmidt Gabriel

A nice shot of the buckles. Photo (c) Morgane Schmidt Gabriel

What I was even more impressed with is their fleece cover! I have many fleece products and have had multiple girth covers, none have been as well designed with regard to fit and quality. The actual cover is made partially of a neoprene-like substance that fits the girth seamlessly, but does not come in contact with the horse. Because the cover fits so nicely, the fleece stays perfectly aligned with no bunching or sliding. Although the fleece itself doesn’t look particularly impressive in my pictures,  I can attest to the fact that it is ridiculously soft and wears and washes quite well; it legitimately survived my ridiculous habit of going multiple months without washing my pads and still came out looking brand new and feeling soft.

Note how well the cover wraps, then Velcros to the girth. That little tab that goes through the D-ring adds some additional stability for the cover. Photo (c) Morgane Schmidt Gabriel

There’s an additional nylon and Velcro strap that also secure the cover around the buckles without being in the way. Photo (c) Morgane Schmidt Gabriel

Here you can see the cover off the girth. Note that it’s nicely padded on the inside too. Photo (c) Morgane Schmidt Gabriel

Ultimately I would say this update really pushes these girths up into the next category in quality. The anatomical aspect makes it a highly functional, but the added padding from the updated leather and the plush fleece makes it somewhat sumptuous. If you didn’t consider these girths before because you were looking for something a bit higher-end, you may want to check out this new version. What do you have to lose with their 110%, 30-day money back guarantee?

For more information on the girth, how it works, the cover, where to purchase either, and their money back guarantee, visit their webpage HERE. You should also check them out on Facebook!


Go Riding! With a bit more freedom, elbow room, and fluffiness!

Morgane Schmidt Gabriel is a 34-year-old teacher/artist/dressage trainer/show announcer/ who still hasn’t quite decided what she wants to be when she grows up. A native Floridian, she now lives in Reno, NV, where she’s been able to confirm her suspicion that snow is utterly worthless. Though she has run the gamut of equestrian disciplines, her favorite is dressage. She was recently able to complete her USDF bronze and silver medals and is currently working on her gold. Generally speaking her life is largely ruled by Woody, a 14.2 hand beastly quarter horse, Willie, a now beastly 7-year-old Dutch gelding, and Stormy, her friend’s nearly all white paint gelding with a penchant for finding every mud hole and pee spot in existence. Visit her website at