Product Review: Tredstep Ireland Solo Grip Breeches

My new go-to breeches: Tredstep Solo Grip! Photo by Josh Autry. My new go-to breeches: Tredstep Solo Grip! Photo by Josh Autry.

Breeches — they’re a wardrobe staple for every event rider, and it can be a long journey to find the right pair. Many of us have our go-to choice for everyday riding and competitions, but one of the newest offerings from Tredstep Ireland can bridge the gap between both.

Meet the Solo Grip Breeches. These combine Tredstep’s signature Motion Fit Design with the amazing stay-clean Schoeller Nanosphere Technology and durable Tredstep Strategy fabric to give you breeches that can stand up to the rigors of everyday barn wear and look fantastic in the show ring at an affordable price of $159.95.

Not familiar with all of those features in Tredstep’s breeches? Let’s break it down. The Motion Fit Design of Tredstep’s breeches means they are built to ensure free, fluid movement while riding. The high performance sports fabric feels incredibly high quality to the touch and has several key notable design features that make them a must-have, starting with the integrated cuff.

The details on the Tredstep Solo breeches really set them apart. Photo by Josh Autry.

The aesthetic details on the Tredstep Solo Grip breeches really set them apart. Photo by Josh Autry.

Long gone are the days when we had no choice but to wear breeches with velcro closures around the ankles. The integrated cuff on the Tredstep Solo Grip Breeches features butterfly seams that contour to the lower leg shape, providing a superior fit and reducing bunching of the fabric at the back of your knee.

Another great design perk of the integrated cuff is that it can accommodate a variety of calf sizes while stile providing a secure feel and full freedom of movement. I have skinny ankles (from my mom’s side of the family — thanks, genetics!) and some breeches with a cuff are really baggy in the ankle on me. But not the Solo Grip Breeches. They’ve been a perfect fit from day one.

No one likes a gapping waistband on their breeches, and the definition waistband on the Solo Grip Breeches is designed using a circular pattern technique to provide a smoother, curved fit through the lower back. That design not only eliminates any gapping but also improves the definition of your waist to flatter your figure.

The no-gap waistband is a fantastic feature! Photo by Josh Autry.

The definition waistband is a fantastic feature. Photo by Josh Autry.

The articulated knee patch on the breeches is also really cool. The upper part has a little padding to provide comfort for your knees in the saddle. In contrast, the lower part of the knee patch is scalloped to cut back on bulk and ensure it fits neatly inside your boots or half chaps; the cut also guarantees the knee patch won’t hinder the flexion of your knee.

I generally don’t think of high-tech features being integrated into breeches, but the articulated knee patch in the Solo Breeches really shows how much thought and care is involved. The entire design of the knee patch — from the shape and detail of the stitches down to the tapered padding — is designed to help the rider achieve and maintain proper knee position.

That brings me to the Schoeller Nanosphere technology in the fabric. You might have already seen this fun video on EN in which Tredstep founder Aidan Keogh dumps ketchup, honey and coffee on breeches featuring this technology … then easily cleans it off using a spray bottle filled with water. Liquids really do run off the surface of the breeches.

In addition to the amazing stay-clean aspect of the breeches, the Tredstep Strategy fabric also features a four-way stretch for comfort and moisture control to keep you dry even on the hottest days (we’ve had high temperatures already in May in Pennsylvania!). The fabric is also soft to the touch, making the breeches extremely comfortable to wear.

To top it off, the breeches have numerous aesthetic details that really set them apart. The Euro seat and modified mid-rise give the Solo Grip Breeches a modern look and feel. Details like the color-coded buttons, branded front belt loop, buttoned rear belt and curved front pockets complete the look. The breeches are also machine washable and clean up beautifully.

The Tredstep Solo Grip Breeches retail at $159.95 and are available in French blue (I LOVE this color!), tan, white and grey. Click here to find a Tredstep retailer near you, or you can order the breeches through SmartPak. Click here to check out the Solo Grip Breeches on Tredstep’s website. Go Eventing!