Quick Notes From the Friday Press Conference


With William leading after dressage on Chilli Morning, and Andrew Nicholson occupying 2nd and 3rd places, it only seemed right to bring up our local hero, Georgetown gal Allie Knowles who blew us all away earlier today on her lovely mare Last Call to score 43.3  and lie in  4th place. Girl Power!  Allie is a very impressive young woman.  If you’ve been following her via our training diaries here on EN, you’ll remember how grounded she is, hardworking and of course, quite a decent jockey!  However, today is the first time I’ve seen her betray any nerves, and it wasn’t in the arena, it was when she was standing next to Mary King, (“I can’t believe how close I am to my all-time idol!”) and then again later sitting in between William and Andrew and trying to answer questions about herself and her horse with her voice shaking!  We also just found out that Last Call has had a foal before she was imported, a very successful jumper born in 2003, Le Petit Prince; Allie told me she’d always had an idea that “Fergie” might have had a baby because she’s registered as a broodmare, and now we know!

William talked about his decision to bring Chilli Morning here to Kentucky rather than Badminton, and of course about that fabulous dressage, once again paying credit to Chilli’s former rider Nick Gauntlett, but also explaining that he’s worked very hard with Team GB Trainer Tracie Robinson over the winter.

Andrew told us his thoughts on the course, and also spoke about how pleased he was with Quimbo’s first effort at this level in the dressage.  All three riders are graduates of their respective pony clubs in three different countries, and when I asked Allie afterwards what advice she might have for Pony Club girls who’ll now want to emulate her, she said, “Just keep trying. Try again and again, don’t give up!”

Congratulations to the top 3, and all the other riders also.  EN wishes them all safe rides on Saturday, and we look forward to lots more exciting things to come on Eventing Nation.  Thanks for visiting us, come and see us at our tailgate party if you’re in the Park, otherwise we’ll be making it feel as if you’re here with us via lots of action on the site. Go the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event and Go Eventing!

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