Reasons for running late tonight…

I was working away at the press office earlier this evening when I received a short text from  Chelan Kozak; only three words it read, “Margaritas Barn 12”. That’s a message that can’t be ignored, as we like to say in England, “it would be rude not to!”, so hotfooted it up there as fast as possible. I am glad to tell you that I have now met the infamous EN hero, who goes by the name of Clay, travels with his own ‘margarator’, and makes a damn fine cocktail!  So fine that when I gave James Alliston’s mother, Petey a taste, she decided she’d better have one of her own, so we returned to Barn 12 together. Petey told me she’d never had a margarita before, but thinks it might now be her favourite tipple!

Many, many thanks to Chelan for the kind invitation; it was just what we needed, and lovely to meet the whole gang.  Normal service will resume shortly! Go Eventing!
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