Results and Photos from the Advanced at Twin Rivers

Emily Libby and Nonsensical, winners of the Advanced at Twin Rivers

Emily Libby and Nonsensical won the Advanced division at Twin Rivers Fall HT this past weekend.  John Michael Durr finished second with Espirit de la Danse, with Helen Bouscaren and Ben in third.  **Special Happy Birthday shout-out to Emily, it’s her birthday today!**


Thanks to our frequent West Coast correspondent Bill Olson for the photos!


Bec Bratling and Sam I Am, 9th. Photo by Bill Olson.

Andrea Baxter and Indy 500, 10th. Photo by Bill Olson.


Maddy Mazzola and Mojito, 6th. Photo by Bill Olson.

Gina Miles and Chanel, 5th. Photo by Bill Olson.


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