Road to the Roses: Week 1 Scoring Update


 It was a busy first weekend for Derby hopefuls, and some of our RTTR participants scored more points than a Totilas freestyle (while others flirted with Courageous Comet’s average horse trial dressage score).  Complete race results show Todd Pletcher with the hat trick, so I hope you have him as one of your stable’s trainers.  He has YET to win a Derby (I think he’s stuck in the P-Duddy Rolex Funk pre-2008), but he always has a barnful of nice horses.  Here are the Top 10 EN League standings after Week 1:


PLACE          SCORE          STABLE

    1                  97               Bourbon Bliss Barn

    1                  97               Matis

    1                  97               HoosYourDaddy

    4                  80               Matis 3

    5                  63               Kelso’s Kennel

    6                  59               Oakridge Farms

    7                  56               C-Horse

    8                  55               Vision of Roses  

    8                  55               Matis 2

   10                 54               Muddy Goggles Racing Stables 


Obviously this thing isn’t rigged right–no way should I be in 8th place!  Just kidding.  Kudos  to “Muddy Goggles Racing Stables,” that is an awesome name…honorable mention to “Bourbon Bliss Barn” as well.  Currently, 18 stables are signed up.  If you haven’t joined yet, now’s the time!  (I’m looking at YOU, John!)  Those at the bottom-end of the standings, don’t panic yet– there are still many more races to come, and many more horses to run.  I’m still working out ideas for prizes (other than your name up in lights here on The Hottest Eventing Site Ever), so stay tuned.  Good luck!   


Identification #  2211565550
Activation code: 976127638 


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