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Libby Head and Sir Rockstar

Tuesday, April 22

Tuesday Rolex Social Media Roundup: Are you ready for Rolex mania? We are too. The chinchillas have been furiously scouring the web for the latest updates from Rolex. We will update the social media posts throughout the day, so be sure to check back for more stalking from Kentucky.

Sights and Sounds from Tuesday Afternoon at Rolex: Happy Tuesday from Rolex! It was a beautiful afternoon here at the Kentucky Horse Park, with the riders taking advantage of the lovely weather to hack the grounds, get in some schooling time, and take lessons with coach David O’Connor.

Rolex By the Numbers: Horse Stats: Watch out, Eventing Nation, the chinchillas are bringing their calculators to Kentucky this year. Throughout the week we’ll be crunching numbers, spittin’ stats and enriching your Rolex experience through the power of MATH. (Like, 4th-grade level math, but still.)

Wednesday, April 23

Rolex Cross Country Course First Look: Derek di Grazia has certainly thought of everything on this year’s Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event cross country course. I was able to get a sneak peek of the course before its official opening to the public at 1 p.m. EST today, so enjoy these preview photos.

Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event Preview: Part Two: It’s Rolex Jog Day! This year, Jenni and I are teaming up to bring you the most comprehensive Rolex preview ever!

Rolex Rookies: Lillian Heard and Share Option: With as much time as Lillian Heard has spent grooming for some of the country’s top riders, it comes as a surprise that this week will be just the second time she has actually set foot in the Kentucky Horse Park

Wednesday Rolex Pre-Jog Sights and Sounds: It’s a gorgeous day here at Kentucky Horse Park, which hopefully bodes well for the remainder of the weekend. The weather forecast looks like there may be a spot of rain coming our way on Friday, but here’s hoping we’re in for another great weekend of weather for Rolex.

Rolex By the Numbers: Rider Stats: So just who are these Rolex competitors, anyway? We decided to take a census.

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Meet Rolex Course Builder Mark Costello: PRO is back with yet another video in the excellent Faces of Eventing series. This time we get to know Mick Costello, who has built the cross-country course at Rolex for the past 16 years.

Rolex Jog Report: Anthony Patch Withdrawn; Sir Oberon Not Accepted: We’ve had a totally unexpected turn of events following the first inspection here at the Kentucky Horse Park.

EN’s Best Dressed Picks from the Jog + Other Thoughts: There was plenty of fashion on display at the jogs today, and picking our favorites for best dressed guy and gal was definitely a difficult task.

Thursday, April 24

Make Mona Smile, Win Boots!: Know what would make Mona bust out her dimples? Tall boots that don’t require painful breaking in!

Thursday Morning Dressage Open Thread: We’ll have a new open thread posted on EN for the Thursday afternoon rides. All .gifs are courtesy of the USEF Network.

Will Faudree and Pawlow Lead the Way Early at Rolex: Good morning from Rolex! We’ve just seen the first group go here on the first day of dressage, and Will Faudree and Pawlow are leading the way so far on a score of 49.8, the only pair to crack the 40s so far.

Michael Pollard and Mensa Lead at Rolex Lunch Break: Michael Pollard and Mensa put in the consistent test we’ve come to expect from them to take the provisional lead at the lunch break here on the first day of dressage at Rolex.

Thursday Afternoon Open Thread

Video: Official Rolex Cross Country Video: Frankie Theriot is on site and stepped out onto the cross country course with Jim Wofford and course designer Derek di Grazia to hear their thoughts on this year’s questions.

Crown Talisman Shines at Rolex + Harsh Scoring?: So I’m officially calling it — we’re seeing some tough scoring today. I noticed it on a few tests early today — namely Kyle Carter and Madison Park and Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville — and we’re still seeing lower-than-expected marks in this third group, mostly notably for Doug Payne and Crown Talisman and Allie Knowles and Last Call.

Three Americans Off to Rolex Press Conference: Our top three remained the same after seeing the fourth and final group here on the first day of dressage at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. Three Americans are heading to the press conference, as Michael Pollard leads with Mensa on 49.5, Will Faudree sits in second with Pawlow on 49.8, and Doug Payne and Crown Talisman hold third on 51.2.

Rolex Day One Videos: The USEF Network has kindly sent us some footage from a few riders this morning, and Rolex will be uploading interview videos as the day continues.

Caption It Contest Presented by Devoucoux: Andrew Nicholson and Avebury and Mark Todd and Oloa strolling down the lane at the Kentucky Horse Park. Whatever could they be saying?

Rolex Happy Dance of the Day: Michael Pollard: Nobody is having a better day than Michael Pollard, who swept the early dressage lead thanks to an accurate and elegant test aboard Mensa.

William Fox-Pitt Chats About Bay My Hero + Other Thoughts: William Fox Pitt is no stranger to competing here in Kentucky, most recently coming in a close second in 2013 with Seacookie TSF and winning in both 2010 and 2012 with Cool Mountain and Parklane Hawk, respectively.

The 5 Most Hilarious Soundbytes from the Thursday Press Conference: If you could put a microphone and a live audience in front of any three guys at Rolex, this trio — Michael Pollard, Will Faudree and Doug Payne, sitting in 1st-3rd respectively — would rank among the most entertaining.

Dressage Day Chats: Meghan O’Donoghue, Lynn Symansky, Dana Widstrand: Meghan O’Donoghue and her scrappy OTTB, Pirate, took the eventing world by storm (and stole a few hearts along the way as well) last year when they rocked around their CCI4* debut to the tune of a 12th place finish.

Rolex Ride the Course: Bruce, Lynn, Gina Talk Cross Country: EN crashed the Rolex Ride the Course tour this afternoon at the Kentucky Horse Park, and I rode a rather cheeky gelding named Cowboy around Derek di Grazia’s track to preview some of the key questions we’ll see come Saturday, complete with wonderful commentary from Bruce Davidson, Lynn Symansky and Gina Miles.

Friday, April 25

Rolex Rookies: Libby Head and Sir Rockstar: We previously featured Libby Head on our Collegiate Eventing spotlight and we have really enjoyed following this young rider’s career. Sir Rockstar came to Libby as a neglected 10-year-old in 2008 and quickly blossomed under Libby’s care.

Rolex Cross Country Course Commentary from Doug Payne: Doug Payne, who is electing to just ride dressage with the stunning Crown Talisman this weekend, was kind enough to walk some of the cross country course with me yesterday morning.

Friday Morning Dressage Open Thread

Jan Byyny, Phillip Dutton Stand Out at Rolex: Good morning from day 2 of the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event! We’ve already seen a leaderboard shakeup in the first group to go, with Jan Byyny and  Inmidair and Phillip Dutton and Mr. Medicott scoring 49.5 to tie for equal first place with Michael Pollard and Mensa G.

Rolex Friday Videos

Lauren Kieffer and Veronica Dance to Day 2 Lead at Rolex: Lauren Kieffer and Veronica wowed the crowd in the second group today at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event with a fantastic test to score 46.7 to take the lead at the lunch break.

Mr. Chinchilla’s List of 5 Rolex Things to Do: How are you enjoying your Rolex weekend so far, EN? It certainly is an exciting weekend so far, and currently the riders wearing the red, white, and blue are throwing down in the sandbox. There are several breaks in competition, though, and there is plenty of other options for entertainment while you are wandering the grounds.

The Secret Past Lives of Rolex OTTBs + Thoroughbreds For All!: Nobody shows up to Rolex like a thoroughbred and this year’s field is full of them. As we mentioned in our Rolex By the #s: Horse Stats post earlier this week, there are 24 thoroughbreds competing this weekend, comprising over a third of the entries, and many of them are off-track.

Friday Afternoon Chats with Boyd Martin and Sinead Halpin

Andrew Nicholson and Avebury Crack the Top 10 at Rolex: Lauren Kieffer and Veronica are still holding the lead on their score of 46.7 after the third group here on day 2 of dressage at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.  We saw some good tests in this group, but nothing that could match the accuracy and consistency Lauren and Veronica displayed earlier today.

Friday Afternoon Open Dressage Thread

Allison Springer and Arthur Dominate at Rolex: USA USA USA! Allison Springer and Arthur rose to the occasion on a windy, chilly afternoon here at the Kentucky Horse Park to put in an incredible performance as the only pair to crack the 30s to lead the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event on a score of 39.5 at the conclusion of dressage.

All USA All Day + Other Tidbits from Day 2 Press Conference: What an exciting finale to dressage at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event! Allison Springer and Arthur absolutely nailed their test for a score of 39.5 — the only combination in the field to crack the 30s — to soundly hold the overnight lead heading in to cross country tomorrow.

A Rolex Fairytale Wedding: Every little girl dreams of the day she will walk down the aisle. Event girls dream of walking down the aisle on the hallowed grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park, and Ellen Doughty was one of them.

Third Annual World Equestrian Brands Rolex Top Dog Contest: Keep your children on a leash and your dogs in focus!

Rolex By the Numbers: Dressage Gear: Like many riders, I’m always interested in top eventers’ tools of the trade. From bits and nosebands to helmets and flair, here are the stats on what competitors were sporting in the Rolex dressage ring this year.

Saturday, April 26

EN’s 2nd Annual ‘Insanity In the Middle’ Rolex Tailgate Party, Presented by Tredstep Ireland: Eventing Nation has the best readers in the land, and because nothing says “thank you” like free refreshments and swag, we’re throwing Eventing Nation’s 2nd annual reader appreciation tailgate party!

William Fox Pitt Shares Thoughts on Rolex Cross Country Course: William Fox-Pitt has seen the most imposing cross country fences in the world, and he is no stranger to the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.

Thills and Spills: Rolex Cross Country Open Thread #1

William Takes the Lead, USA Finishes Strong: Rolex Cross-Country Open Thread #2

Rolex XC Videos: William Fox-Pitt, Lauren Kieffer, Phillip Dutton [Updated: Interviews]: Check back on this post throughout the day for the latest Rolex videos online. In particular, the USEF Network and the Rolex YouTube page have been posting some awesome videos.

William Fox Pitt and Bay My Hero Lead After Wild Day at Rolex: Cross-country has just concluded here at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, and William Fox-Pitt and Bay My Hero are your overnight Rolex leaders thanks to their double clear trip.

Stage Set for Nail-Biting Finale at Rolex: That’s a wrap on cross-country day at Rolex. With the dust settled, eight American pairs are in the top 10, and just two rails separate the top eight, so it’s going to be a nail-biting, thrilling conclusion to the competition here in Lexington.

Post Cross-Country Social Media Round Up: A very dramatic cross country day at Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event has come to a close, with many smiles and victories, and equally as many tears and disappointments.

Sunday, April 25

Rolex By the #s: XC Edition: What was the most problematic fence on this year’s course? What percentage of riders went clear? Check out these stats and more in the latest edition of Rolex by the #s.

Rolex From a Husband’s Perspective: Every eventer needs a support group, and horse-y significant others are among the best there are.

Mr. Medicott, Shiraz Withdrawn During Rolex Final Horse Inspection [Update on Cave]: Thirty-seven of the 39 horses that presented at the final horse inspection will move on to the show jumping at Rolex, as two were withdrawn this morning.

Expedience Has Surgery Following Cross-Country Injury at Rolex: Kaitlin Spurlock has just updated her Facebook page with information on Expedience, who suffered a foot fracture yesterday at the Head of the Lake on cross country at Rolex.

Rolex Sunday Morning Jump School Sights and Sounds: After the jog and before walking the course, riders were out jump schooling with their respective coaches this morning.

Doug Payne and Lynn Symansky Preview the Rolex Show Jumping Course: Richard Jeffrey’s show jumping course today looks to be a technical beast, and there are plenty of potential bogey fences and challenging questions. Today’s course will really test the horses’ adjustability, as well as their endurance after yesterday’s tough cross country run.

William Fox Pitt and Bay My Hero Win Rolex: William Fox-Pitt and Bay My Hero entered the Rolex stadium as the overnight leaders and last to jump. After Lauren Kieffer and Veronica delivered a fantastic double clear trip to thunderous applause, William couldn’t afford a single rail, and he proved why he’s the best in the world by rising to the occasion to deliver the clear he needed to clinch his third Rolex victory on 44.0.

Rolex Show Jumping Open Thread Highlights

Chinch-bombing WFP’s Road to Rolex Victory: The EN chinch has been stalking Mr. Pitt all day, dropping photobombs when he least expects. And, what do you know, he wins. Coincidence? We think not. That’s what we like to call EN karma, baby.

Rolex Show Jumping Videos