Rolex Kentucky Featured Riders





For several years, the Official Rolex Site ( has featured several riders on their quest leading up to Rolex CCI****.  This year’s blog participants are James Alliston, Jan Bynny, and Doug Payne (as Lacy mentioned in this morning’s N&N post). The riders’ first posts published, introducing themselves and their horses.  Doug is aiming for his first four star, with Running Order.  James is returning to Rolex with both horses, after finishing 14th on Parker and 17th on Jumbo’s Jake last year.  Jan is preparing Syd Kent and Inmidair for Rolex, and talks about her journey to Rolex through the years.


Rolex is 86 days away from today.  Time to start saving up for the trade fair!   Not that I really *need* anything, but you know some deals are just too hard to pass by!  Fingers crossed for another year of great weather and good times.  Stay tuned to EN for all your Rolex needs!


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