Rose in the lead again after dressage in Sydney

Shane Rose and Taurus, overnight leaders on 40.6, photo by John Lechner Shane Rose and Taurus, overnight leaders on 40.6, photo by John Lechner

Shane Rose and Taurus, overnight leaders on 40.6, photo by John Lechner

Another week and another event with Shane Rose in the lead. There was little doubt in the minds of anyone watching that Shane would go to the lead. His test was more polished than the rest of the field. Shane and Taurus are on a mission, that mission is simple, make it on the plane to London in July.

Shane and the rest of the Olympic hopefuls here this weekend all know that when this event is over if they are in the top five, they have a chance of being on the plane, almost none without it. It would be a brave group of selectors that would ignore the winner this weekend.

Tim Boland and GV Billy Elliot in second place after dressage, photo by John Lechner

Hot on Shane’s heals is Tim Boland and GV Billy Elliot with a nice test of 43.8, which I know was not their best, this pair is capable of a sub forty result, tension and the prospect of Olympic selection ensured that a few combinations did not achieve their best today.

Megan Jones and Kirby Park Allofasudden looked good and will be very competitive tomorrow with 44.2. Megan is a tough competitor and I know that she will be picking apart her test tonight, making notes to ensure next time is better.

Megan Jones and Kirby Park Allofasudden, in 3rd place on 44.2, photo by John Lechner

The most inspiring performance in the dressage today goes to Emma Scott and Mustang, they pulled off a brilliant test to be  hot on the heals of Megan and the top three with 46.2. Emma was absolutely stoked with Mustang and will be out to prove that she also deserves a spot on the plane to London. Emma and Mustang are rising stars with plenty of potential for the Aussie team both for London and Normandy in 2014.

A very happy Emma Scott and Mustang in 4th place after Dressage on 46.4, photo by John Lechner

After walking Mike Etherington-Smith’s new cross country course this morning I can tell you categorically that the leader board will be different tomorrow afternoon. The course is a tough 5815m with a lot of terrain and new factor for Sydney , lots of narrow lanes, the course holds no tricks but provides no free rides, especially for the horse that decides to be dishonest.

That’s it for tonight, I will be back tomorrow bringing you more action live from Sydney, if you want regular updates, follow me on Twitter @johnvacy. Full results here.

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