Rose, Rose and more Rose

Shane Rose & Taurus, leading after XC on 40.6 Shane Rose & Taurus, leading after XC on 40.6

Shane Rose & Taurus, leading after XC on 40.6

Shane Rose (still on 40.6) has proven again that he is unbeatable on cross country, with a picture perfect round exactly on the optimum time of 10 mins and 12 seconds, he was one of three riders to finish on optimum time, Emma Scott and Christine Bates also achieving this feat.

Only six of the eighteen starters finished without penalty, it was an uneventful class with only two rounds incomplete. Murray Lamperd and Under the Clocks crashed out rather spectacularly at the skinny barrel fence 22. Both horse and rider were fine walking home.

Emma Scott & Mustang, finished on 46.4 after XC, photo by John Lechner

One other rider didn’t make it home, Delwyn Ogilvy had a bad day with a stop at fence three and then retiring at fence six. Craig Barrett withdrew Wendela Jamie before the start of cross country taking caution on his younger mount. Only one cross country fence penalty was recorded, Andrew Cooper and Guest of Honour at fence 26 which was the angled log approaching the water.

The top end of the leader board is tight with Shane clear of Megan Jones by 3.6 time meaning he doesn’t have any room for error, Megan on 44.2 will undoubtedly put the pressure on Shane tomorrow. Just behind Megan is Emma Scott who looked brilliant on the course with her mount Mustang. Emma is over the moon with their result so far this weekend and looking forward to keeping the top two on their toes.

Megan Jones and Kirby Park Allofasudden in second place on 44.2, photo by John Lechner

Emma Mason (49.2) moved up one spot into forth spot adding only 1.6 time penalties to her dressage score, Emma looked like she was on a mission barely taking a pull when she passed me on course. Topping out the top five is Stuart Tinney with 49.4 who was the first to make time on course. It was great to see them under time as Pluto Mio isn’t known for being fast on course and the word around the paddock was that Stuart was focusing on a clean round not a fast round.

Emma Mason & F1 Pharinelli finished on 49.2, photo by John Lechner

Tim Boland and GV Billy Elliot had a great round adding just 7.2 time to their dressage score to stay in touch with the leaders on 51.0. The top ten is tight and tomorrow’s John Vallance designed course will provide lots of action especially with the jumping being held in the SIEC indoor which is very small for a jumping course and always changes the dynamic of the rounds.

Tim Boland and Billy Elliot, finished on 51.0 after XC, photo by John Lechner

Full results are here. I will be back later with some more pics.

Finally, I caught up with Mike ES after XC this is our discussion.

There is some contention about the results at this stage (5:41pm), the latest I have is that Megan Jones has dropped to 3rd place after picking up 2.4 time penalties, lifting Emma Scott into second place. This is still provisional, hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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