Russian Trick Riders Embody Insanity in the Middle

Swinging swords. Jumping over flaming poles. Carrying a man suspended between you and another rider while galloping around on horseback. While this video of trick riders from the Kremlin Equestrian Riding School doesn’t have much to do with eventing, it certainly captures the precision and thrill that draws many otherwise sane equestrians to our beloved sport. Check out this video showcasing their mad skills:

You don’t need to understand Russian to realize that it basically boils down to this: These people are phenomenal athletes and performers, and they can do things on horseback that I can’t even do while standing on my own two feet (not to mention on the shoulders of two¬†other people on horseback)!

What? You're trying to tell me that you CAN'T do this?

Here are some other videos of students of the Kremlin School doing what they do best, which is to defy gravity and death as only equestrians know how:

Nice, um, galloping position.

Go Trick Riding. Go Eventing.


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