Ruth Edge’s Friday Badminton dressage recap

After scouring the internet, I have compiled the very best Badminton dressage day 1 coverage.

Dressage results — just in case you missed them earlier

For lengthy recaps including quotes and rider backgrounds, check out the FEI press release or H&C’s recap.

The CliffNotes version: Ruth Edge is a dressage specialist and swims Two Thyme twice a week.  Mary King is excited now as she was at her first Badminton, and said that a loud crackle in the speakers before her test made Imperial Cavalier tense.  Mark Todd feels like he’s never been away and looks forward to getting back to the top of eventing.

Friday photo slideshow — Not nearly as organized as the USEA’s photo galleries, but the photographer has added some humorous captions.  Just click through for a while; I promise you will eventually find dressage photos.  Gallery format
The Badminton Blog is a blog operated by Badminton that has done a great job covering the event with 3-4 special interest and news posts a day.  Two of my favorite posts are a profile of the 18 Badminton first-timers, and Badminton superlatives.  I would suggest this blog format to the organizers of any big three-day who want to be involved in the coverage of their own event.  The Badminton blog also stole our scrolling Twitter widget idea which is flattering.  Speaking of blogs, Alex Hua Tian writes about being held at the first jog for Horse and Hound.
–If you could only go to three sites to get complete Badminton coverage throughout the weekend, I would suggest *H&H’s Badminton page, the Badminton Blog, and, of course, Eventing Nation.

Clayton Fredericks’ dressage video: The Frog has done the dressage test of his life
Go eventing.
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