Saturday Links from Tipperary

At some point I'm sure I will... At some point I'm sure I will...

I was at the grocery store today grabbing a sandwich as a late-breakfast-early-lunch-I-ride-horses-so-I-really-don’t-observe-traditional-meal-times-meal when the cashier asked me ‘Are you ready for the holidays?’. I didn’t just laugh, I guffawed. I’ve seriously been so bad about my holiday shopping this year. I DID manage to get my EN Secret Santa stuff in the mail on time, but otherwise I’ve done ZERO shopping. It’s supposed to rain this weekend, so I might try and accomplish some shopping, but what will inevitably happen is that I will go to the mall, get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people and decide that paying for last-minute shipping is totally worth it. It would be so much easier if everyone I had to buy presents for rode. Maybe I’ll get them ponies.

Saturday Links:

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Developer sells equestrian estate in Wellington for $9.7M

Remington Park plans to report horse weights

PBIEC to host Asheville Regional Airport Wellington Eventing Showcase, presented by Wellington Equestrian Realty

Sweet Briar student to ride for US in world finals equestrian event

Wiggle It Jiggleit, the ‘it horse’ in harness racing, wins Horse of the Year (Also funniest name ever)

Saturday Video: What a fancy present!