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And the big storm hasn't even hit yet ... And the big storm hasn't even hit yet ...

After an extended drought in California, a normal winter is here. Yesterday, I was almost eaten by “quick slop” while attempting to retrieve my mare out of the pasture. I’d forgotten how terrifying it can be to find yourself shin-deep and rapidly sinking while you grapple with the decision to abandon your boots or not.

(Pro-tips for getting yourself unstuck in pasture muck: More liquid is your friend! Rock your stuck boot with small movements. Once you have one foot free, use it to dig the other out. Hold on to the blanket of a nearby pony for some leverage and something to balance against. When all else fails, use your cellphone and beg someone to bring you another set of boots.)

While I have sincere doubts that one normal winter will rectify our extreme lack of water, I am still very grateful. Allegedly we’ll be getting blasted hard up and down the state through the weekend. It should make for some very interesting times at Fresno County Horse Park where they are hosting Jock Paget and many other West Coast favorites for a Fundraiser Weekend.

U.S. Weekend Scores:

Ocala Winter I H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

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