Saturday Links from Tipperary

Been doing a whole lot of Been doing a whole lot of "driveway work" lately. Except it's 20 degrees and the grass isn't green. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld

When I’m feeling really organized, I try to get the pony ridden first thing in the morning. It starts the day off right and then I can go about my day without having to carve out the hour drive time. But thanks to the winter storms further north, the mornings down here have been cold and the ground totally frozen. So the pony and I have have been doing a lot of walking back and forth, back and forth on the driveway.

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Events This Weekend:

Poplar Place Farm February H.T.  [Website] [Live Scores]

Sporting Days Farm I H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status]

Galway Downs Winter H.T. [Website] [Live Scores]

Saturday Links:

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Tales from the front line of equine crime

Lessons learned in equine welfare

Saturday Video: More amazing moments from the Mustang Magic.