Saturday Video from Nupafeed USA: The Vest Challenge

Hilarious times on Tuesday night with the vest challenge. Don’t try this at home without prep. We desensitized the horses to the vest first, and I picked the most suitable horses for the task. Except Diesel… He thought he was in a race.

Posted by Tiara Equine on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Well that’s one way to beat the winter blues! The crew at Tiara Equine in Ontario took on the “Vest Challenge,” removing their vests while jumping through a small grid. Some riders were adept enough to take the vest off and put it back on before they reached the end of the line! This looks like a fun way to work on position, balance and coordination in the saddle.

Of course, this is not something you should try without proper preparation. The horses used in this video were carefully chosen for the task and desensitized to the flapping vests before the challenge began. Thanks to Christine Curtin for sending in this video!