Saturday Video: Ingrid Klimke’s Aachen CICO3* Helmet Cam and Analytics

Screenshot via YouTube Screenshot via YouTube

Not only does Aachen put on a picture-perfect event from Opening Ceremonies to the very last victory gallop, they also provide an insane amount of information, gadgetry, and technology to improve the user experience around the world. They’ve been live-streaming all the disciplines this week, and earlier today we introduced you to their live tracker app for the cross country portion of eventing. (If you missed it, which is likely since it happened in the middle of the night for North America, you can replay anyone’s cross country round from today on the tracker and see where they sped up or slowed down, circled back, etc. Totally fascinating!)

Now they’ve already added Ingrid Klimke’s helmet cam and loads of on-screen analytics and stats you can watch as she rides. This sort of technology not only adds a new layer of experience for fans and competitors, but someday it could even be collated and analyzed on a mass scale to study safety, performance, breeding — who knows. The sky is the limit.

Special thanks to Ingrid, CHIO Aachen, and SAP Technology for making these videos possible!

Go Eventing.