Saturday Video: Toddler Adorably Freaks Out Watching Cross Country

If this little guy’s enthusiasm is any indication, the future is very bright for the sport of eventing. This is what the FEI meant when they said that we needed to engage with the younger, up and coming demographics, right?

This charming, hysterical little gentleman is watching the replay of Canadian Jessica Phoenix’s cross country round at the Rio Olympics aboard her scrappy little mare, A Little Romance. And “little” is an apt description; According to Jessica, the mare only sticks at around 15 hands. The Olympics were the first completion for “Blue Eyes” at the four-star level, and the combination finished in 38th place. At just 11 years old, Blue Eyes has a bright future ahead of her.

The video’s creator is the aunt of the giggly little critter, and a professional clipper and groomer in Ontario, Canada. I wonder if the little guy squeals extra hard for the home team? If you’re needing a groomer up Canada way, be sure to check out her facebook page!

Go Eventing.