Saturday Videos: Classic Burghley with Andrew Nicholson

It’s on rainy, gloomy days like the last few we’ve had on the East Coast that I just want to stay in my pajamas and watch old films, my favorite being classic eventing videos, of course. And Burghley TV’s competition highlight videos, stretching all the way back to 1990, provide hours upon hours of distraction entertainment.

These videos don’t just include clips and talking points on the winner, they feature also course walks, commentary, thrills and spills. What’s especially interesting is watching the progression of the sport (and video production quality) over the last 20+ years.

Andrew Nicholson has caused quite a buzz in the news lately, but we can’t deny the man gets results. He’s had great success at Burghley in particular with 5 total wins. So let’s use his timeline as a guide and take a look at a few of those features, enjoying the many inspirational stories to be told.

Nicholson’s first Burghley victory was in 1995 with Buckley Province. The pair were second before show jumping and jumped clear to put the pressure on Kristina Gifford and General Jock, who ultimately couldn’t keep it together in the final phase. Nicholson was also fourth that year with Cartoon II.

Five years later title sponsor Pedigree had thankfully dropped “Chum” from its name, and Nicholson was back on top, this time with Mr. Smiffy. They defied gravity for a dramatic save to put them in the lead after cross country. The crowd favorites that year, however, were Vere Phillipps and Coral Cove.

Phillipps was riding in honor of his wife Polly, who had passed away in a riding accident the year prior. The pair tore up the cross country and held on in show jumping to finish in fourth and complete the challenge Vere had set for himself and Coral.

Twelve years later, Nicholson would embark on a Burghley winning streak with Avebury that would result in three consecutive victories, a record that will likely not be met or exceeded by another horse and rider for quite some time.

2012 was also the year America so proudly witnessed Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville and Allison Springer and Arthur blow the world away with their incredible performances, finishing second and sixth respectively.

2013 highlights are unfortunately excluded from the website, but you can visit for multiple features from the 2014 event, including “How to Win Burghley” with Andrew Nicholson (because now, we’re all wondering how he did it).

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