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**The word from Galway is that it’s a nice venue, that the top 5-10 horses in the CCI2* Dressage would have been competitive at the Fair Hill Dressage.  Apparently, the XC looks less intensive than Jersey or Fair Hill.  Also, the ground jury seems to be very picky about lameness, with several spun from the jogs.  This suggests a push to be extra cautious, probably caused by past experience at Galway and maybe the fact that so many riders were spoken to Saturday night at FHI.   
At the Virginia Horse Trials, your leaders from Friday: 
 VHT Results  are here.

Other News:
Cooper “looked great” in Jennie’s latest blog post.

William unseated from Brittish Eventing’s top rider list.

Great schism in the polo world.
Canadian Eventing committee announces integrated national membership.
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