Scott Brash Demonstrates How to Win a Jump Off

Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos won the Rolex Grand Prix in Geneva yesterday thanks to a beautifully executed jump off round that ultimately saw them best France’s Roger Yves Bost and Quod’Coeur De La Loge by just .25 seconds.

Watching this side-by-side video from Equimage shows where Scotty ultimately won it. Though “Bosty” starts to pull ahead at the beginning of the course, Scott’s extremely efficient use of the turns saves him precious seconds.

The pivotal moment comes at the approach to the third fence, a big yellow and black oxer, followed by a rollback turn. Bosty does six strides down to it, while Scott holds for seven, which allows him to make a tighter turn after the oxer, ultimately setting him up for the win.

Scott will now have a shot at the Rolex Grand Slam of show jumping, which awards €1 million to a rider who wins the the CHIO in Aachen, the CSIO Spruce Meadows Masters Tournament in Canada and the CHI Geneva in Switzerland.

H/T to our friends at Horse & Hound for originally posting this video

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