Second Clip-A-Thon Benefitting Equestrian Aid Foundation Scheduled for October

Picture this: It’s 2 a.m., it’s crazy hot for some reason, you’ve clipped 14 horses or maybe 15 – you can’t remember. What in the world could possibly keep you going?!?!

This is what Tim Gaskell AKA “Tim The Clipper Guy” committed to doing: he clipped 17 horses for 24 hours straight. He didn’t do it just for fun, oh no. He did it for his fellow grooms and other horse show support staff!

Let’s rewind a bit, to eight short days before the inaugural Clip-A-Thon. Tim had an idea to support his fellow equine professionals, he wanted all of the money to get straight to The Equestrian Aid Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund. He needed something big to stand out from the noise. So logically he thought of the one thing no one would ever do.

He called his equally insane friend Kayla Wright who had just started her marketing agency, Venture Marketing. He told her his plan and waited anxiously for her response. “Well… If we are going to do it, we’ve got to do it big so you’ll need my help,” she finally said. They both laughed realizing what they had just done. Thus, The Clip-A-Thon was born.

In just eight days Tim and Kayla secured a strong partnership with The Equestrian Aid Foundation, acquired over 20 raffle items, got their event published in some major equine media outlets, and built a Facebook page up to over 700 likes. They forged some amazing relationships along the way, too.

They gathered support from some of the biggest names around including Buck Davidson, Emma Ford, Liza Boyd, and Courtney Carson (to name a few). When it was all said and done, The Clip-A-Thon sent a check for $10,100 to The Equestrian Aid Foundation to add to their disaster relief fund. That’s $10,100 in just 48 hours, with only eight days of set up.

BY THE NUMBERS-Clip-a-Thon of May 2020Total setup time – 8 daysTotal Clip-a-Thon time – 48 hoursTotal horses…

Posted by The Clip-A-Thon on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Brace yourselves, because here comes round two! Mark your calendars for October 26th and 27th. Tell everyone you know! Tell your mom, your dog, even your sister.

We want this one to be even BIGGER. Want to get involved? Here’s how:

  • Buy a raffle ticket
  • Pledge to clip – All you need is an internet connection and willingness to host your own talk show live for an hour
  • Tell your favorite riders you want to hear them interviewed just like Buck Davidson
  • Tell your favorite business owner about sponsorship opportunities
  • Donate to the raffle
  • Sponsor an hour
  • Like/comment/share all things Clip-A-Thon (Facebook / Instagram).

If you would like to sponsor an hour or donate an item or gift card for the raffle, contact Kayla Wright at [email protected] or (303) 621-6325.

We’ve got a record to smash, people.

While there are a few horse shows popping up in the midst of the pandemic, there is still a very large need for financial support. Many show grounds will not allow braiders onsite. Others have had to drastically limit attendance and it is still next to impossible to find a freelance position. They still need us, and we are still here. The horse community is an amazing one often held together by paper clips and bubblegum, but we ALWAYS come through.

Let’s do this.

The Equestrian Aid Foundation has opened its Disaster Relief Fund to assist equestrian professionals and industry service providers in unexpected financial crisis as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation prioritizes assistance to industry professionals and service providers who have lost their primary or only income as a direct result of the pandemic. These one-time grant payments are intended to assist qualified applicants with basic living expenses.

Since April, EAF has processed 238 COVID relied grants for professionals from all corners of the United States—from judges and stewards, to braiders and grooms, to trainers and lesson barn owners whose lesson income has all but disappeared. With continued community support, the Foundation will continue to help our industry’s hardest workers get back on their feet.

About EAF: The Equestrian Aid Foundation provides vital, emergency financial assistance to horsemen within the United States who are coping with catastrophic illness or injury. This grant-based support is intended to help equestrians get through their medical crises and back to doing the work they love. Through its Disaster Relief Fund, EAF helps equestrian communities in crisis in the aftermath of natural disaster or other unforeseen events. We are horsemen helping horsemen.

The Equestrian Aid Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Learn more by visiting the website here.