Shane Rose and CP Qualified Win Adelaide Dressage

Shane Rose and CP Qualified at Adelaide. Screenshot from FEI TV's YouTube Channel.

Shane Rose and CP Qualified lead at Adelaide after the conclusion of dressage thanks to being the only pair to score in the 30s; they take a score of 39.7 into cross-country day. There’s quite a big gap back to second place, as Stuart Tinney and Pluto Mio scored 45.5. Shane is also sitting in third place on his second horse Taurus on a score of 45.7. Last year’s winners Craig Barrett and Sandhills Brillaire are within striking distance on a score of 46.8 in fourth place, and Christine Bates and Adelaide Hill round out the top five on a score of 48.2.

Announcer extraordinaire and friend of EN John Kyle interviewed Shane for FEI TV — you can watch that video below — and indicated there was some controversy over the scoring in the dressage. Looking at the individual scoring breakdown here, there are some fairly substantial spreads across the judges’ marks for many of the horse-and-rider combinations. Shane made it clear in the interview he thought Taurus was marked unfairly, and the implication seems to be that other riders are echoing that sentiment in the aftermath of dressage.

Cross country will stream live on FEI TV starting tonight at 10 p.m. EST, and with just 25 horses running across Wayne Copping’s course, it won’t go too late into the night. So if you’re looking for something to do tonight, grab a beer and some popcorn and spend some quality time with your family laptop. has posted course walks and photos of each fence on the cross-country course, so look for the full preview of the course later today on EN. Go Adelaide.

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The top 10 after dressage. Screenshot from FEI TV's YouTube Channel

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