Sharon White and Don Sheffield Take the Bromont CCI2* Lead

Sharon White and Don Sheffield took the lead in the CCI2* on a 49.8.

Sharon White and Don Sheffield were the first pair to crack the 40s in the CCI2* dressage at Bromont, taking the lead on a 49.8. This horse, a warmblood gelding, has a striking presence about him and really seemed to step up in the ring for Sharon. Their first simple transition looked a bit rocky, but the second one was much better, as you’ll see in the video below. This was a super test for this pair, and Sharon has to be pumped about the horse’s performance. Booli Selmayr and Castle Diamond, an Irish Sport Horse gelding, also had a very nice test to move into third place on 54.3. They had a flawless canter transition in the second simple change — probably the nicest we’ve seen all day in the CCI2*. Booli and Castle Diamond received a lot of love from the crowd after their final salute. Go team spirit!

Booli Selmayr and Castle Diamond are in third place on a 54.3.

Shanon Baker and Cordonelli, an Argentinian Thoroughbred gelding, were the last to go before the break and unfortunately picked up three errors in their test. But the quality of the work they put in helped redeem the test; they scored a 58.6 to move into seventh place. Jennifer Simmons and GV Tuscany were the first to go after the lunch break, scoring a 59.3 to move into eighth place. The horse, a New Zealand Thoroughbred gelding, was a little sticky in the simple transitions, but had a consistent test overall. Benita Strini and Sammy Jo, a Hanoverian mare, scored a 60.3 to sit in 12th place. The mare broke to the canter twice in the trot at the beginning of the test, but she had some really lovely moments once she moved into the canter work. This mare is super graceful and catlike in the flatwork, and I imagine she tackles the cross country with the same athleticism.

Shanon Baker and Cordonelli are in seventh place on a 58.6.

Anita Nemtin-Gilmour and Topper, a Canadian Sport Horse gelding, scored a 63.4 to sit in 14th place. The test seemed a touch quiet throughout and lacked impulsion in certain movements, but Anita seemed very happy with the horse when she exited the ring. We have six riders left to go today in the CCI2*, with Abigail Wilson and Fernhill Flag leading off at 1:59 p.m. after the break. Sharon White and Don Sheffield set the bar high with their test, and it will be exciting to see if anyone will catch them in this final group of riders. The rain continues to fall steadily here at Bromont, which I’m told is affecting the quality of the wifi connection we’re picking up in the press tent. Fingers crossed for no technical difficulties this afternoon as I try to upload videos of dressage for you lovely readers. Go Bromont.

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