Silva Martin Update: Ups and Downs All Part of the Healing Process

Silva Martin smiles in the hospital. Photo courtesy of Boyd Martin.

Silva Martin smiles in the hospital. Photo courtesy of Boyd Martin.

We’ve been relieved to report good news ever since a freak accident landed Silva Martin in the hospital with a brain injury Wednesday. Silva had a slight setback today, but the doctors have assured Boyd Martin that ups and downs are all part of the healing process when it comes to brain injuries. He was kind enough to give us an update from the Tallahassee airport while waiting to catch a flight to be with Silva.

“This morning, Silva was taken out of the ICU, which was a great sign,” Boyd said. “This afternoon, I got a call saying she had unfortunately deteriorated a bit in her responsiveness and reactions and was having trouble staying conscious. The doctors immediately did another CAT scan, as they thought perhaps the bleeding had worsened. Thankfully, the scans showed the bleeding hasn’t worsened.”

Late this afternoon, Silva regained consciousness and was back to how she sounded when Boyd spoke to her this morning. In addition to the team of doctors watching over her at Delray Medical Center, USEF team physician Dr. Mark Hart has been looking at each scan and consulting with Silva’s neurosurgeon. “Mark has been double and triple checking that everything is as clear as it can be,” Boyd said. “He’s been doing a wonderful job updating me and explaining everything to me.”

Mark explained that when it comes to head injuries, progress isn’t always continuous. “It’s going to be a little bit forward, and things will be looking good, and then there’s a bit of a setback before things start looking good again.” This is just one more bump on the road to Silva’s recovery. With how much progress she’s made so far, it’s clear she’s a fighter. Go Silva.

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