Snapping Turtle Causes Concerns in Badminton Lake Complex

A top British rider has told me that there are concerns among Badminton’s organizers that riders might have to be re-routed around the famous Badminton Lake complex this year.  Apparently a large snapping turtle has located its hole close to the Lake and regularly frequents the shallow waters used for the cross-country jumps.  The snapping turtle is reportedly well over three feet in diameter and could presumably cause harm to horses if stepped on or provoked.  I was told that Badminton groundskeepers have looked into removing the turtle from its home but wildlife activists have expressed concerns about taking the animal from its habitat.  Snapping turtles are an invasive species to Britain, but they are quickly spreading and this turtle in particular seems to be causing some major problems.  EN’s good friend Monty White was able to find a course photo on the Badminton website that shows what we think is the turtle sunning by the Lake complex, click here:


Go Badminton.


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