Snowcapped Peaks at Skyline: Take a Spin Around This Scenic Training Course

It’s not everywhere that you can gallop cross-country with legitimate snowcapped mountains off on the horizon — but that’s reality for Area IX eventers who frequent Skyline Eventing Park in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Area IX includes Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota, and while it may be many miles from the cradle of eventing on the East Coast, there’s no denying this region’s unique western charms.

Looking as though you’re equally likely to see a cowboy loping off to gather some cattle, the scenery is certainly dramatic. Let’s flashback to the The Event at Skyline earlier this month and navigate the Training course from astride this plucky gray:

A job well done to Rosie Smith and Seamus, who posted two double-clear rounds to finish second in the Training division! See complete final results here.

Skyline Eventing Park’s 60-acre cross country course was designed by James Atkinson and only opened its doors a few years ago, providing a great venue for Utah’s eventing riders to hone their skills. For more information about Skyline Eventing Park, please visit the website.