Stable View’s Eventing Academy Schooling Horse Trials are Expanding in 2022!

As a result of an increase of entries, Stable View in Aiken, South Carolina is going to be hosting some of their Eventing Academy Schooling Horse Trials over three days instead of two for the 2022 season. This past weekend, Stable View saw 125 entries, and most Eventing Academies reach 200 during the more popular months of the year due to cooler weather.

The three-day Eventing Academy will have a Schooling Day on Friday and the Horse Trials Day on Saturday and Sunday for December 2021, February 2022, October 2022, and November 2022. Riders can choose to compete in a Combined Test, (Stadium + Dressage), the Horse Trials (Stadium + Dressage + XC), just Dressage, or just Stadium.

This event is a great way to experience a competitive setting in a welcoming environment, including over $15,000 in year-end awards thanks to Schneiders Saddlery! Levels start at Sprout (<18”) and can go to Preliminary, depending on demand. The next Eventing Academy will be offered between October 16th - 17th.

Congratulations to all riders from the August 8th show! Full results can be found here:

Modified Horse Trial Lauren Alexander and Excel Star Over The Moon
Training Horse Trial Alden Leavitt and Castleblayney Gold
Novice Horse Trial A Sarah Kuhn and Hashtag Trending
Novice Horse Trial B Mellisa Warden and Unfolding Blame
Beginner Novice Horse Trial A Jasmine Hobart and Dresden Green
Beginner Novice Horse Trial B Amy Cobb and Lock and Load
Beginner Novice Horse Trial C Katie Cummings and Qredible Dream
Tadpole Horse Trial A Beth Allen and Fernhill Cowboy
Tadpole Horse Trial B Victoria McMillen and Jackson Blues
Sprouts Horse Trial A Sebastian Howard and Kung Fu Panda
Sprouts Horse Trial B Sophia Mason and Misty

Next Stable View Events:
September 8th – Schooling Dressage Show
September 9th – “Fall Frenzy” Dressage
September 24 – 26th – Oktoberfest 1/2/3/4* and Horse Trials