Start-Box Jams of the Day: Reader Submissions II

Just as everyone has diverse taste in music, riders have different taste in pump-up music. Start-Box Jams plays homage to the songs that give us the courage to tackle cross country. Do you have some favorite start-box jams you’d like to share with EN? Email me at [email protected]

Photo courtesy of Helen Davis

Our picture of the day and first jam comes to us from Helen Davis. Helen evented through Intermediate before switching over to Combined Driving. I see vests, red on the right and plenty of insanity in the middle. Helen wrote in to say that when she hears Audioslave’s “Cochise” she’s ready to go!

Susan Pinkney shared an artist that I was previously unfamiliar with, Corb Lund, who now seems to have found his way in to my iTunes library.Funny how that happens! Corb Lund has an album named “Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!” on which nearly all of the songs are horse-related in some way. Susan related a tale  about seeing Corb Lund live, where he got drunk enough on stage that the crowd had to remind him of some lyrics. Can we book him for the AECs next year?

Our final submission comes from a mother of three, who we’ll only refer to as EM. Her go-to song is Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” She says that the image of one shot and opportunity only coming once gets her fired up and in the mindset to ride her best with no regrets. She thinks her kids would laugh, but I bet they’d say, “Whoa, mom’s kind of bad ass.”

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