Start Box Jams of the Day: Reader Submissions V

Just as everyone has diverse taste in music, riders have different taste in pump-up music. Start Box Jams plays homage to the songs that give us the courage to tackle cross country. Do you have some favorite start box jams you’d like to share with EN? Email me at [email protected]

The start box!

Even though the show season has come to an end, there’s still a time and a place for Start Box Jams. They can help you find the motivation to keep going in the dark of night, to help you run that extra mile on the treadmill at the gym, to push yourself that much harder in your weekend lesson. I’ve got some more reader submissions for you!

Daniel from Colorado — “I’m normally a rock and roll kind of guy; Metallica, AC/DC and Aerosmith are my favorite bands. A few years ago, Animal Planet had a show called “Jockeys,” and the intro used Kanye West’s “Stronger.”  The first lyrics capture my mindset going in to the start box perfectly.”

Michelle from Texas — “I was glad to see the 90’s jams a couple of weeks ago! I grew up in the 90s too, and you missed one of the greatest 90’s songs ever: “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J! I am riding again after a long break, and even though I haven’t made it back to a show yet, this song gets me fired up!”

Elizabeth from Maryland — “Justin Timberlake is the best for Start Box Jams and work-out music! You can’t go wrong with anything he’s done. It all has good energy and tempo. I really like “Sexyback” for trot sets.”

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