Start Box Jams of The Day: The Come-Down Edition

Just as everyone has diverse taste in music, riders have different taste in pump-up music. Start-Box Jams plays homage to the songs that give us the courage to tackle cross country. Do you have some favorite start-box jams you’d like to share with EN? Email me at [email protected].

Time for some real talk. As much as I love getting in the right headspace with start-box jams, sometimes I need some post cross-country jams as well. The cross-country phase is demanding as well as exhilarating and utterly exhausting.

Maybe your horse stops out, maybe you take a tumble. It sucks, but you’ll be okay. You’ll recover, you’ll ride again. Listen to Florence+TheMachine’s “Shake It Out.” (But maybe don’t bury that horse in the ground.)

Getting mobbed for your pinney after cross country is a given. I’m huffing, puffing, can’t breathe, can’t think — too much going on. I have it on good authority that the lyrics originally went something like: “If you want to take my pinney, pull the strings as I crawl away …”

There is a transcendent exhausted space that comes for me after cross country. You’ll often find me sitting in the barn aisle, back against the wall of my horse’s stall, legs splayed, absently rolling wraps and staring out in to space. I cannot speak or think when I’m in this space. I am on a major comedown from the adrenaline and raw-joy overload. Sensors fried. Try communicating with me later.

What songs do you listen to when you’re coming down from the cross-country high?

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