Start-Box Jams of the Day

Just as everyone has diverse taste in music, riders have different taste in pump-up music. Start-Box Jams plays homage to the songs that give us the courage to tackle cross country. Do you have some favorite start-box jams you’d like to share with EN? Email me at [email protected]

How do you get pumped up for cross country?

Before I started working for the world’s largest fruit company, I was a radio DJ. I believe in the awesome and inspiring power of music.  Music can change your whole headspace; it can give you a fighting edge, or soothe inner turmoil. There are SO many songs out there that make great start-box jams.

How about some classic rock? I particularly like the battle cry at the start of Immigrant Song. I murmur that cry under my breath on every approach to a down bank.

Maybe you prefer prog rock? Sometimes an instrumental with the right intensity is just what I need. I also used to be pretty good at this song on Guitar Hero, so it’s a bonus reminder that I’m good at things.

Muse is just excellent. You don’t need an excuse or justification to have Muse on a best start-box jams list.

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