Sunday Jog Report

More Jog Photos from Josh and Leslie of the USEA

Kelly Prather’s tough weekend came to an early end this morning when Ballinakill Glory was spun on representing during Sunday morning’s jog.  “Pippa” has a great deal of talent and is a super horse when she focuses.  We will see this pair back in action and doing well sometime soon.

Right before Nigel announced that Kelly would not be accepted, Gorund Jury member Marilyn Payne walked to Kelly to explain their decision.  This seems like a small thing, but it was a nice gesture.

Madison Park and The Foreman were both held but passed on re-inspection.
A lot of the horses looked pretty fresh this morning, which might have been the windy weather or a bit of gamesmanship from the riders.  Speaking of the weather, it’s a beautiful partly cloudy and breezy spring day in Lexington.
53 horses perfeormed dressage at Rolex, and 37 of those advance to the show jumping.
I spent some time speaking with people about Oliver’s status this morning, and I don’t have anything further to add from this morning’s update.  The picture of Oliver’s crash is on the front page of the Lexington Herald Leader.
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