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Hailey and Mia are crazy and apparently hate sleep!! Hailey and Mia are crazy and apparently hate sleep!!

Dear EN, by the time you read this I may be in jail. I’m not normally an aggressive person, but I can explain. You see, this was supposed to be a relaxing weekend full of barn time, laughter and joy. Yesterday was indeed all of those things until two little rain clouds rolled in. You see, the plan for today was to go cross country schooling at Eventful Acres. We were going to leave at 8 until TWO TEENAGERS WHO WILL REMAIN UNNAMED BUT ARE TOTALLY PICTURED ABOVE suggested we leave at SIX IN THE FREAKING MORNING. Yes, it will be hot but leaving the barn at SIX IN THE FREAKING MORNING means being up at like FOUR THIRTY IN THE FREAKING MORNING, which is before any of the coffee shops in my area are even open. If coffee shops aren’t open, you’re still supposed to be in bed kids!

Events This Weekend:

Inavale Farm HT [Website] [Scores]

Groton House Farm HT [Website] [Ride Times][Scores]

Abbe Ranch HT [Website][Scores]

Horse Park of New Jersey HT [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Genesee Valley HT [Website] [Scores]

Sunday Links and Information:

Do you have some epic tan lines? Do you attach a mister to your helmet just to keep yourself somewhat cool? Show us exactly how hot you are for a chance to win an Ovation Cool Rider Shirt! Snap a funny and creative photo and send it to [email protected] no later than Thursday July 3 at 4 pm EST. We have three shirts up for grabs, so get to snapping! [Hot or Not: EN Style Contest]

If you’re getting ready to buy a new helmet WAIT until July 12th! Created by Riders4Helmets, the fifth annual Helmet Awareness Day will be on the twelfth of this coming month, and many helmets across the world will be on sale. As you well know, it’s important to Mind Your Melon! [Helmet Awareness Day]

Gala of the Royal Horses Tour Features Dancing Stallions: How Are They Trained?

Adorable Baby Goats Use A Very Patient Horse As A Playground

Bakersfield Area Culvert Draws Bicyclists, Horse Riders And Controversy

Finding Fiber In Horse Feeds

Editorial: Wild Horse Solution Requires Delicate Balance

Sunday Video: The Chinch said that I better post this video or that he’d post the video of me at karaoke night.


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