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Wonder what's in here? Wonder what's in here?

Why is it that packing up an entire barn to head to a distant event seems to be such an easy thing when moving across town is such an ordeal? I am utterly exhausted from my big move on Saturday. I spent the majority of the day zipping back and forth, ferrying truckload after truckload to my new place. It pleases me to no end that at the very center of my new house is a little closet that I have commandeered for the sole purpose of housing my show clothes, extra saddle pads, a Chinch nest and all of that stuff that I “totally need, but don’t need to have out at the barn all the time”. It also pleases me that it is clearly marked in case of emergency or horse show.

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Carolina International is offering a new and unique clinic opportunity! They are working to offer help and advice out to those wanting to improve their competition experience.  Additionally, they are getting geared up for an even bigger Carolina International with greater levels of prize money and a huge weekend of great sport and entertainment! [More info on Unlock Your Potential Clinic]

Feed company hasn’t pulled food linked to St. Helena horse deaths

Horse racing: The case for California Chrome

Deputies investigating dead horse tagged on side of the road

Understanding Pelleted Horse Feeds

Historical horse racing takes off in Garden City, draws concerns

Sunday Video: Chinch is a lovely guest, but you might be surprised at how hard his family can be to live with.


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