Sunday Links from One K Helmets

I feel you, girl. Photo by Lorraine Jackson I feel you, girl. Photo by Lorraine Jackson

I’m the proud mother of a darling, copper-headed little toddler who spends her days watching a great deal of Show Jumping live streams in between episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins. I’ve put my personal riding career on hold while I immerse myself in the journalistic side of the sport horse world and I’m beyond lucky that I get to take my family along for the adventure. It’s work from sun-up to sun-down wrangling people and a writing career, but today I was rewarded with the ultimate prize: a toddler neigh. When a horse appeared on the TV screen today, a tiny crooked baby finger appeared, babbling and squealing before turning to me and giving her best neigh and snort impression. In other words, Christmas came early in the Jackson house.

Sunday Links:

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Sunday Video: