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I’m currently in the beginning of a month-long endeavor where my horse is going to be getting a lot of one-on-one “quality time” with my trainer, so coming across this deal with RideIQ got me pretty excited. We here in the mountain West get few opportunities for clinics, but we try our best and do manage to get some bigger names out here a few times a year. A lot of the people I ride with have really taken to RideIQ for all that in-between time, especially while our trainers may be busy living the back-and-forth life to events out of state. I’ve been wanting to start a membership for the last year, but this deal has come at a perfect time — I think I will finally take the plunge and start my own month of “quality time” with some of the top riders featured on this awesome app.

Major International Events:

FEI Eventing Nations Cup, Arville: Website | Live Scores | Live Stream

U.S. Weekend Action:

Caber Farm H.T.: Website | Entry Status | Ride Times | Live Scores | Volunteer

The Event at Archer: Website | Entry Status | Ride Times | Live Scores | Volunteer

Waredaca Farm H.T.: Website | Entry Status | Ride Times | Live Scores | Volunteer

Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club H.T: WebsiteEntry Status |Live Scores | Volunteer

Ocala Summer H.T. II: Website | Entry Status | Ride Times | Live Scores | Volunteer

Full Gallop Farm: WebsiteVolunteer

Links to Start Your Sunday:

Standing Ovation: The Foundation for the Horse dedicates $10,000 to support feed and hay relief for equines impacted by Maui, Hawaii, wildfires

The Future Champions Competition: Young Riders, but FEI

Climate Change and Sport Horse Management

Should You Put Your Horse In Your Online Dating Profile?

Regrouping Between Horse Shows

Weekly Pick from SmartPak: Need a new pair of Piper Breeches? Save up to 75% on breeches (and so much more) with SmartPak’s big summer clearance event.

Morning Viewing: Speaking of clinic season, here’s a clip from the queen of dressage herself, Charlotte Dujardin, on how to ride the perfect corner in dressage.

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