Sunday Videos: Boekelo CCIO3* Helmet Cam + Live Stream Playback

Paul Tapner and Wickstead Didgeridoo

If you missed the live stream and have been antsy to see footage of the muddy cross-country course from Boekelo, you’re in luck. Thanks to Boekelo TV and RTVOost, we have this great helmet cam of Julia Krajewski and Lost Prophecy and FULL live stream playback of all the action. Julia and Lost Prophecy were actually one of the first pairs to go out on course, so the mud was still under control at this point, but you’ll get a bird’s eye view of just how bad the going got by watching the live stream playback. Note that Julia had a runout at 10D and expressed her frustration in a rather colorful way — gotta love helmet cams!

I spoke to Liz Halliday-Sharp yesterday about the course, which was once again designed by Sue Benson. It’s the sixth time Liz has ridden around Boekelo, and she said she liked the flow of the course this year, as she thought riders didn’t need to sit up and pull to make their lines as much as they needed to for Sue’s courses in the past. Liz thought it rode very well, and I agree it allowed horses to get into a nice rhythm. Pay special attention to the bank complex at fence 21, as that’s where Liz had her runout — at the C element — and Lauren Kieffer had her fall — at the A element.

The final horse inspection is underway now, and all countries are jogging in the same order as Wednesday, so Team USA won’t trot up until later in the morning. All reports coming from the barn are that Trading Aces and Fernhill By Night were sound and happy after their cross-country trips, so it should be smooth sailing through the jog. Of course, it’s raining here at Boekelo, not that this should surprise anyone at this point. Show jumping starts at 11 a.m. local time, or 5 a.m. EST.

Boekelo Links: [Homepage] [Jog Order] [Results] [Boekelo TV] [Live Stream]

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