Sunday Video from Total Saddle Fit: ‘That’s Just a Well-Trained Horse’

With all the careful training, schooling and preparation we provide our horses before competitions, we can only hope they not only love but understand their job. Then ideally when their rider makes a mistake, the horse can pick up at least some of the slack and carry on (with or without us).

Paula Kobylarz-Wehde sent us this video of her daughter, Ava Wehde, and her Hanoverian mare, Butts Leonie R, on cross country at Rocking Horse Winter I H.T. yesterday. After a parting of ways at the first element of the water complex, Butts Leonie R proved just how well she knows her job, completing the combination on her own and galloping on, looking very keen to keep jumping.

“That’s just a well-trained horse,” videographer David Frechette observed. Indeed!

Paula assures us that both horse and rider are absolutely fine and Ava is laughing about the whole thing. Cheers, Ava, for being a good sport. Go Eventing.

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