Sunday Videos: Galway Downs Training Three-Day Top 3

The traditional long format is alive and well through the USEA Classic Series. A long format event is a monumental undertaking for both the organizers and the competitors. They certainly take more time, land and manpower to host. For the riders, they must plan their conditioning program carefully and prepare for months.

Galway Downs in Temecula, Ca. ran the final Classic Series event of 2017 earlier this month (if you missed our coverage, click here!). Thanks to the fine folks at Ride On Video, we can watch the top three finishers of the Training Three-Day as they take on Phase D of endurance day. Remember, these horse and rider combinations have already done two phases of roads and tracks and run steeplechase. All three of these pairs ultimately finished on their dressage score. Well done!

Do you dream of riding in a long format? The USEA has tons of fitness tips and other advice on their website. Now is the time to plan your 2018 season and a long format is an admirable (and attainable!) goal. Remember, the series can’t continue without you! Long live the long format!

1st place: Jordan Linstedt and Janine Jaro’s Staccato

2nd: Mackenna Shea and Judith McSwain’s Fleeceworks Ghost

3rd: Amaya Davis and her own Evening Attire

Click here for full results and here to see more videos from Ride On Video.