Surviving the Holidays

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land

The eventers all scurry to get to their plans.

One more quick night check;

But hurry up quick,

Get everyone water, make sure no one’s sick.

And then off you go, through the snow and slush,

To get to your party without too much fuss.


But what should you do once you arrive?

Not a horse person in sight, how will you survive?

If you find yourself without much to discuss,

Outside of saddles, muck buckets, and thrush;

Well we’re here to help, we’ve enlisted the best;

To give you ideas, make sure you’re not stressed.

Advice from top riders, to help get you through,

Without further ado:


Matt Brown, and his wife Cecily, avoid politics as well as all things horsey.

They listen to Podcasts and pick a good one,

They’ll discuss it in depth. It’s a whole lot of fun!

Have a few drinks, to loosen you up,

Then enjoy conversation about what’s in your cup.


Olivia Loiacono, of Bonsall, CA

Has her own advice for surviving the day.

“A nice glass of wine and watching football!”

What a great idea! Not too big or too small.

Pick a team that you like, or even one you can’t stand,

And discuss the game with a glass in hand.


Another idea, that many riders can employ,

Is to discuss some TV that most seem to enjoy.

Game of Thrones won’t be on til 2019,

There’s something to complain about this Christmas Eve.

There are hundreds of great shows you can discuss

(Some may even involve a horse or two, that’s a plus!)


Now if after all this you still find yourself worried,

Auburn Excell Brady has more advice in a hurry!

“Just talk about horses anyways!” She says with a laugh.

Non-horse people are fascinated by jumping and piaffe!

So pull out your phone, show off pictures, it’s freeing.

Just try not show anyone that picture of your gelding’s last bean.