Susie Tuckerman Hospitalized Following Fall in Ocala

Bruce Davidson and Susie Tuckerman. Photo courtesy of Buck Davidson.

Bruce Davidson’s wife, Susie Tuckerman, has been hospitalized at Ocala Regional Medical Center following injuries sustained in a fall on Sunday, May 12, while riding at Chesterland South in Ocala, Florida.

She has since undergone two surgeries to repair a brain bleed and separated vertebrae, and Buck Davidson told EN the family remains hopeful she will regain consciousness soon, as well as be able to breathe on her own off the ventilator.

Susie, 67, didn’t initially notice any injuries when she fell. She continued on with her day as usual, leaving for Micanopy with a friend to have lunch. During lunch, Susie suddenly started to feel unwell. On the drive home, she started sweating profusely and slurring her words. An ambulance met the car on the side of the road and transported her to the hospital.

She immediately underwent surgery to repair a bleed on her brain. Following the brain surgery, further examination revealed separation of vertebrae in her cervical and thoracic spine. Susie then underwent a second surgery to fuse C1 and C2, and T3 and T4.

“She came through the back surgery well, and now we are just praying she is going to wake up,” Buck said. “She’s an unbelievable fighter. I’ve never seen someone so strong in my life. She’s definitely improving. They’re hoping she gets strong enough that she can breathe on her own soon.”

Please join the EN team in sending positive healing thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for Susie.