2012 Canadian Short List & Long List Announced

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The eventing 2012 Short List and Long List have been announced by Equine Canada.

Update:  This is the Canadian Short List and Long List for the National Eventing Team, and not the Olympic team.  Essentially, it is the list to shape spring training program and the final Olympic lists will be named much closer to the Games.  This list is from the end of 2011 and will likely be updated.


The Short List is comprised of horse/rider combinations proven at the 3-star level or above within the designated time period.  They are listed in alphabetical order:


RIDER                        HORSE                              QUALIFYING COMPETITIONS

Peter Barry                 Kilrodan Abbott                    CCI4* Rolex KY ’11, CCI3* Fair Hill ’11

Hawley Bennet-Awad  Gin N Juice                         CCI4* Badminton ’11, CCI4* Burghley ’11

Diana Burnett             Shigatzi                              CCI3* Bromont ’11, CCI3* Fair Hill ’11

Jessica Hampf            High Society II                    CCI4* Rolex KY ’11

Rebecca Howard        Riddle Master                      CCI4* Rolex KY ’11

Micheline Jordan        Irish Diamonds                    CCI3* Bromont ’11                    

Kendal Lehari             Daily Edition                       CCI3* Fair Hill ’11

Jessica Phoenix         Exponential                         CCI4* Rolex ’11, CCI4* Burghley ’11

Kathryn Robinson       Let it Bee                            CCI3* Blenheim ’11



The Long List includes horse/rider combinations proven at the CCI2* and/or CIC3* level within the designated time period, with the potential to become short listed in 2012.


RIDER                              HORSE                                       QUALIFYING COMPETITIONS

James Atkinson                Gustav                                           CCI2* Colorado ’11, PAGs ’11

Joelle Baskerville              Malibu                                            CH2* NAYCs ’11

Hawley Bennet-Awad        Five O’Clock Somewhere                  CCI2* Allentown ’11, PAGs ’11

Melissa Boutin                 Siamese Kat                                   CCI2* Allentown ’11

Diana Burnett                   Diamond Cut II                                 CCI2* Fair Hill ’11

Kyle Carter                      Madison Park                                  CIC3* Rebecca Farm ’11

Kim Crawford                   Choccoo de Pomme                         CCI2* Florida ’11

Sandra Donnelly               Buenos Aires                                  CIC 3* Woodside ’11

Rebecca Howard              Roquefort                                        CCI2* Bromont ’11, PAGs ’11

Kendal Lehari                   Totally Frank                                   CCI2* Fair Hill ’11

Kelly List                         Smarty Pants                                  CCI2* Bromont ’11

Tik Maynard                     Sapphire                                         CCI2* Fair Hill ’11

Jordan McDonald              Apple Cider                                     CCI2* Allentown ’11

Danica Moore                   Dunlavin’s Token                              CIC3* The Fork ’11

                                       Utah B                                            CIC3* Plantation ’11

Michele Mueller                Amistad                                          CCI4* Rolex KY ’10

Selena O’Hanlon              Colombo                                          CIC3* Red Hills ’11 

                                      Foxwood High                                  CCI2* Bromont ’11, PAGs ’11

Jessica Phoenix               Pavarotti                                          CCI2* Rebecca Farm, PAGs ’11

Stephanie Rhones-Bosch  Port Authority                                  WEG 2010, CCI4* Rolex ’10

Waylon Roberts                Blockbuster III                                 CCI2* Houghton Hall ’11

Penny Rowland                 Flying Finn                                      CCI2* Fair Hill ’11

Karl Slezak                      VDL Ulando H                                  CCI2* Fair Hill ’11

Shandiss Wewiora            Fionn McCuhal                                 CCI2* Fair Hill ’11




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