‘The Fried Turkeys’ at the Red Hills Competitor’s Party

Apparently, a band called The Fried Turkeys made a big splash at the Red Hills competitors party on Saturday night.  This information comes from riders who were as fried as turkeys, so take it as you will, but they sounded pretty darn serious.

Ok, John, but what’s so special about a competitor party band?
Well, check out their drummer.  His name is Will, he’s 7 years old, and apparently he’s incredibly talented and a child prodigy.
Oh, wow John, that is pretty impressive, I couldn’t play LEGOs when I was 7.
I know, but don’t worry, I still don’t know how to play LEGOs.  I never understand what to do once I get all the little blocks stuffed up my nose.  They do come with some pretty cool comic books through.  Anyhow, go to the band’s Facebook page for videos and to hear the music.


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