The House of No Shame

Photo via Pixabay.

You are ludicrously invited to join in a probationary membership in the House of No Shame, herein after referred to simply as “The House” or “the Shameless.” The House was established in 2019 as collective of likeminded individuals gathered in support of promoting blatant self-aggrandizing, the expansion of personal badassery, and partaking in necessary tomfoolery.

2018 wasn’t your year? 2019 has nothing to prove and neither do you. So make the season fun in whatever way is you. The horse sports are too damn hard, too damn critical, and too damn expensive to not have an enjoyable experience. Driven in your riding and goals? Be Shameless. Casual in your riding? Be Shameless. Do you, because no one else is going to do it for you. Shameless comes in every size, color, and discipline. Imagine “Treat Yo’ Self” on the inside.

As one of the honored Shameless, you will be expected to adhere to certain standards. Be true to our words: Rich in Sarcasm. If those ain’t your words, this ain’t your house. It can be pretty awkward and/or dangerous, but we ride with our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks, permanently even. A sigil or mascot? If you must, picture a unicorn farting rainbows…

Requirements of the House:

  • A sense of humor
  • Support of your fellow Shameless, even the shamed

Provided to the Shameless:

  • A mock- or cocktail upon entry, as warranted.
  • A smile as you need it

Wear your colors, whatever they may be, and wear them proudly. The wonderful things about the House? You’re never alone. We laugh at ourselves, we cry, we solider on.  We may or may not have money, but we have heart. When you need a kick-in-the-pants-we-ride-half-domesticated-beasties-only-controlled-with-our-butts pep talk, find your accountablilbuddy Housemate. We’re Shameless! What did being humble ever give you? A complex, girl.  Remember, “unless they payin’ yo bills, pay them no mind.” It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. So, grab the champagne and grab some mane!

Go Eventing!