The Many Faces of Eventing: A Photo Collective

Photo by Alec Thayer Photo by Alec Thayer

Photographer Alec Thayer sent in this photo of Dom Schramm competing at Plantation Field Horse Trials last month, and it got us thinking about the many faces of eventing.

1. Duck Face

First up, there’s duck face, as demonstrated by Dom Schramm. We’re going to need a close up:


Lookin’ good, Schrammo.

2. Pirate Face

Next up, there’s Pirate Face, as demonstrated by Frankie Thieriot:


Photo by Mike McNally

Argggh! Someone get her an eye patch!

3. The Grimace

Then there’s the Grimace, as demonstrated by Jennie Brannigan:

Photo by Mike McNally

Photo by Mike McNally

Because fancy prancing is hard work, ya’ll.

Of course, these three examples barely scratch the surface of the many faces of eventing. Send in your own photos to [email protected]. Because we’re all in this together.


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